About Us

Senza_titolo-1_fullCOMPANY PROFILE

Our vision: no empty spaces in motion.

Our mission: collect, group, deliver on time, first time.

Always providing the correct means of expediting the right way, at the right time. A global network, a fusion of services, combining skill and vision, which is built is built on a wealth of dynamic and experienced personnel.

Our staff at your disposal to find you the best solution for your shipments. No matter what it is and to where, nothing is a problem: we cover all the bases from A – Z.



You click, we forward.

All services are available online.

You can arrange every detail of your shipment by just connecting to our website www.embassyfreight.com

Collection, custom clearance, insurance, freight charges, transit times and correct equipment for your goods. You will find all you need.


shutterstock_124590490SECURITY PUNCUALITY

Embassy means certainty.

The highest standard of service for every client with any demanding or special requirements.



Logistic thinking partner.

Space is a precious as your needs.

We cut on unnecessary warehousing to deliver your goods a s soon as possible. So we will have plenty of space left for your further storage needs.

Our space is your space: storage solutions, future proof due to bar coding and online inventory stock controls. Logical as logistics solutions must be.



Customized solution for any kind of transport needs. Small packages or full containers, conventional shipments or special projects, logistic or direct delivery services. Here at Embassy, flexibility matches efficiency. Because the world moves fast.

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